February 2009 - to date
1997 Mercedes C class C200 automatic
This is a post face-lift model with a slightly more efficient engine and 5 speed electronically controlled auto box (rather than the old 4 speed one).
Bought at 66000 miles, it was mechanically perfect with a smooth engine (for a 4 pot) and seamless gearchange.
The drawbacks were that it had no air conditioning and was a 'Sport' model which means stiffer suspension and a less luxurious ride. Also, the 2 litre engine felt a bit gutless.
Although the car would go quite well if you put your foot down, the gearbox would drop down 2 or even 3 gears and the engine would scream high and loud to achieve it.
Finally, even driving the car lightly and carefully, fuel consumption was hovering around 28-30MPG.
For this reason, if you're thinking of an old C Class, I'd recommend getting a 230 (rare) or 240 as they're more powerfull with more torque and only slightly less fuel efficient or get a diesel (220CDI or 250TD).

June 2004 - February 2009
1979 Chrysler Avenger 1.6GL Saloon
It is the first car I've ever bought off eBay and I paid 285 for it.
I would rather have paid a bit more for one in better condition, but they don't turn up very often and I was becoming tired of the Vauxhall Chevette I had at the time.

The car has had new front wings, new rear lower quarters and a new front bumper as part of its refit.
Also, much of the chromed plastic trim had become somewhat ropey to say the least, so it was all removed (new trim parts are hard to find now) with the exception of the stainless steel strip that adorns the front of the bonnet.
Also, the vinyl roof was becoming a tad ragged, so this was removed as well.
Finally, the car was sprayed with two-pack dark red paint.

I've also managed to find a replacement dashboard of the right colour with a much smaller crack in it (the previous one had a huge gash, broken speaker hole and was sun damaged beyond belief!) so the interior looks much nicer now.

Here are the pictures I took just after painting and refit.