With 6502em and BeebIt, RISC OS is blessed with the two best BBC emulators known to man. Taken as a whole, they are both superior to BBC emulators for any other platform.

Current version3.10 - 32bit ready
Version tested3.03
Hardware required=>Arm3
Download?Commercial / No Demo available
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Once the best BBC emulator for RISC OS, this one has been around for some time and development seems to have stopped or at least slowed down now. As a result, it has been caught up with and in some ways surpassed by BeebIt. However, it is completely unique in that it emulates the BBC B, BBC Master, Master Compact and Acorn Electron! No other emulator available at the moment can make this claim.

The Spectrum like graphics of Imogen

MicroPowers excellent Donkey Kong clone
This allows the games that were enhanced for the Master 128 to be played in all their glory (although BeebIt also does this now). The emulation of the Electron was also a first. Although this has now been superseeded by the 'Electrem' emulator for Windows, this is the only Electron emulator for RISC OS. Drawbacks? Well, though the emulator is good, it isn't /quite/ as good as PcBBC in it's compatability. Also, the White noise effect of the Electron is not quite right.
The main drawback is that 6502em uses it's own file format and can't use Disc Images. This is not too much of a problem as there are various utilities available to convert between the various formats. Some are bundled with the emulator. These are all minor points really and shouldn't detract from what is an excellent and easy to use emulator. The OS roms need to be downloaded separately.

Peter Irvins unique Starship Command
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Current version0.50 (32bit ready)
Version tested0.45
Hardware/CPU required=>SA200
Download?from Homepage below
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This is a free emulator for RISC OS. It's been updated quite regularly and has improved steadly with each new release. The compatability rate is now very good and is perhaps slightly better than 6502em now (Firetrack works!).
Like 6502em, BeebIt emulates the BBC B, B+ and Master 128, though not the Electron. Software is loaded via Disk Images and if used in conjunction with BeebFS, 6502em style applications too.

A game about Plumbing???

Probably the best version of Pole Position
The advantage of this emulator over 6502em is clear. It's free, 6502em is not! It also seems to run some games that 6502em doesn't. It's compatability is very good, the actual accuracy of emulation is now every bit as good as 6502em.
Sound is now much improved thanks to the use of a new sound module and I'm hard pushed to tell the difference between BeebIt and a real BBC. In this area it is the best emulator.
BeebIt requires a relatively fast machine to run. Testing on an A5000 proved painfully slow and even an Arm610 ran at about 1/2 to 1/3 of full speed. I would therefore suggest a StrongArm 200 processor at the very least (but then everyone should have one of these by now).
You will have to download the OS roms separately and read the setup instructions first, as setting up the emulator has changed with this new release.

...and this game's too damn hard. Grrrr!
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