4th October 2007
Getting close to a year since the last update, I suddently felt inspired to do something, so I've uploaded mp3s of title music to a couple more tv programs. BOD and Bagpuss.
Find them on the mp3s page.

10th October 2006
It would seem that the latest release of This Island Earth is nothing more than an poor attempt to wring more money out of fans without actually providing anything worthwhile.
The new release has only slightly (and I do mean 'slightly') better picture than the original Image Entertainment release. It has slightly better colour and maybe slightly less picture noise, but once again, no attempt has been made to actually clean up the picture and remove the masses of film damage in certain scenes.

This is not a big disaster as it means that I'm not completely wasting my time producing my own version frame by frame.
Unfortunately the PC I use to do the job has given me hell over the last few months and I've lacked the funds to repair it until now, so fingers crossed for the future.

13th June 2006
Added brief article about the classic SciFi film, 'This Island Earth!'

31st May 2006
Added page with some information and pictures of my current car (1979 Chrysler Avenger)

29th December 2005
Added the first article (hopefully the first of many) to the Thoughts/Articles page.
It's a blatent plug for the Free-Online ISP which I'm still using and still very happy with.

29th December 2005
I've had a go at simplifying the site so as to make updates to the site easier and less of a chore.
The 'Websites' page has been removed as having four websites is a bit pointless if I can't even keep one up to date!
Besides which I have completely lost interest in the RISC OS operating system and the machines it runs on. Since two of the websites (RISCOS hardware and RISCOS software) were based around RISCOS they were rendered rather pointless.

The other site 'Deathzone emulation' has also been removed for the time being.
It may return as a gaming site for me to share my thoughts and memories of games I've played and enjoyed in the past, but that may be some way off for now.

9th May 2005
I've added a new page to the Movie section containing clips of NSA sprint runs.

14th March 2005
Finally found something new, worth putting in the movies section.

10th May 2004
Hastily added a page with some pdf files about the Avenger motor car.

22th August 2003
Added two movies to the movies section. More to come when I get them (and a better camera!)

20th March 2003
About time I added another section. This time it's the 'Backdrops' section.
Hopefully more should follow when I get them.

15th January 2003
Well, here we are, the first update of the year and begins with a new section.
The 'Movie' pages will contain movie trailers and other public domain short movies and clips.
Currently there is one trailer available for X2 - X-Men the movie.
It's in MPEG format (as most of the movies will be) and available in 3 sizes to cater for all RISC OS machines.

28th October 2002
Just for the sake of it, I changed the name of the site back to 'The Main Control room' as it just seems more appropriate somehow.
Also, I seem to have forgotten to announce the creation of my latest website, 'The RISC OS Software site' even though it's been on the 'Websites' page for a while now!
One day I'll shock you by actually having something to download on this site too!

5th September 2002
Evening all!
The site name has changed as you can see. The websites page has also been updated too.
(Hopefully you'll notice the new site there at the top)
And last but not least, I've gone back to using Frames! Mmmm!;-)

1st January 2002
Ok, Layout of the site is decided. This is it!
I've finally discovered how to use tables to create a thin lined box around text and so on which is why this page is now full of them ;-)

I've updated the Websites page to include my latest site, The RISC OS hardware guide.
How long that will last before I lose interest, I don't know, but it's there at last.

3rd November 2001
Still not happy with the layout of this damned site, grrr!
Obviously I've changed the background colour again and I've also uploaded the beginings of the Websites page.

27th October 2001
OK, this is yet another attempt by me to come up with a layout that looks vaguely acceptable.
I may add some gentle colours to the backgrounds again, but I think for now, less is more!

Once again, none of the links actually work yet and no other pages even exist. They all need to be redesigned to fit in with the new layout.
I am determined to use tables rather than frames to layout the pages, but it is taking time to get it setup correctly :-(