T h i s   I s l a n d   E a r t h !

A fantastic big budget film of the 1950's. Though viewers today may find it corny and the plot rather simple, it contains many aspects that were new at the time, but are now taken for granted in science fiction.
Travel tubes, Sliding doors, Space warfare are all there and more recently,
'Mars Attacks!' featured the exposed brains look for its creatures, all seen before in This Island Earth.

Unfortunately, 'This Island Earth' is no longer available in any format off the shelf today.
It was however released in a number of formats which can (with a bit of searching) still be found second hand.
Ebay is one such place to look but it is littered with appallingly bad copies taken from a variety of sources offered in dubiously worded auctions, so you must examine each auction very carefully before choosing.

I myself currently have the following versions: I hope soon to aquire the NTSC LaserDisc version. Once I have this I will be in a position to decide which version to use to produce a definitive version.
I suspect it will still be the NTSC DVD that I use, but just to be sure...

This is not just so much pie in the sky! I have already created an improved version taken from the NTSC DVD. My version is in PAL format with less noise and slightly improved colour than the NTSC DVD version from Image Entertainment.

My version (henceforth referred to as Mk1 version) also has 24 chapter markers (the same as the PAL LaserDisc), compared to the Image DVDs 16, and a double-sided folded glossy inlay containing a list of chapter markers and information about the film (taken from the PAL LaserDisc cover).

My MKII version will be my most ambitious project yet.
This will be restored to a higher level than before with film damage repaired where necessary, stronger noise reduction and maybe stereo sound.
It will also feature a trailer, a stills gallery and better menus (the MK1 version menu was a bit rough and ready).
I may also include the short featurette 'The Universe according to Universal'. But I may not, I haven't decided yet.

For the film restoration, I did intend to go through each and every frame and manually repair each scratch, piece of dirt and colour blob. However, this would take a very long time to do with the software I have here.
I have to save the entire film as a sequence of images and then load each one one into a bitmap editor, edit the image then save altered frame and then on to the next frame. Since the film has approximately 140000 frames, this would take rather longer than even I am prepared to spend on it.

Fortunately the picture quality of the film varies greatly from scene to scene. Some scenes can be skipped entirely, with others needing only minor work, leaving hopefully only a few troublesome scenes needing frame by frame restoration.

All I need now is a massively large hard drive and similarly large amounts of free time and will power!